Welcome to the new website/blog thingy, ihavekittycraze.wordpress.com! This website is dedicated to appreciating cats and posting excerpts of several stories I have been writing recently. You can always view these in the links given (which might not be shown now, but will be in the future). I’m absolutely sure that you will love this. There are all kinds of things to do here. There are games, quizzes, books, and more (even if they might not be shown at the moment)! Now there is only one thing left to do. 

Explore and enjoy!

Here is something you might like:

https://imaginationalpha.wordpress.com/ is where all of my stories will be posted.

https://imaginethenight.wordpress.com/ is where all of my random stuff will be posted.

https://epicnessclub.wordpress.com/ is where my trusted friend’s epically awesome stuff will be posted.

https://webarebears.wordpress.com/ is where the same friend’s WeBareBears TV show stuff will be posted.

https://nightfallwarrior.wordpress.com/ is where the same friend’s epically awesome stories will be posted.

https://charliewhitejae.wordpress.com/ is where my other friend’s dog’s hilariously cute posts will be posted.


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