A lot of cats LOVE to play, and you can give it to them. Thanks to my cat, Tess, I have found several things that active kittens like to play with:

  • things that make a crinkling sound (like plastic shopping bags or paper bags),
  • things that move around a lot that are smaller than your fist,

to name a few.

Kittens love to play with bouncy balls. Get a couple and throw them, bounce them high, or whatever, in front of your cat and watch them jump and race around trying to catch it! Ping pong balls work well too, but after bouncy balls, your cat might just lose interest in them, so try not to let the cat lose the bouncy balls.

Every time you come home from shopping, give all of your paper bags to the cat. If it’s big enough, the cat will try to sit inside. If not, well, it is pretty amusing to watch it try to stick its face inside!

Plastic bags work well too, but we don’t want the cat trying to chew off a bit, so don’t leave it with the cat unsupervised. You can also try shaking the bag with your hands, although your cat can get scared sometimes if it doesn’t know what to expect.

I’ve found that things that move around a lot, like tassels attached to a stick or remote-control mice, are things that cats tend to chase and try to catch. It can jump high and far trying to catch a tassel on a stick, if you move it around a lot. They also try to chase remote-control mice around the place.

Lastly, I’d like to say that catnip-filled toys are great fun for cats, especially when it feels the need to bite. Any chewable toy would be good for the cat to bite when it’s angry, but catnip gives it flavor and the cat might be more encouraged to bite that rather than anything else. Even if the cat gets a little tired of it, when the toy seems to lose its flavor, just squeeze it hard a couple of times and give it back to the cat. Then, watch it play!


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