Recently, I’ve found out that some cats simply adore a certain type of food, such as a flavor. For example, my cat, Tess, loves turkey-flavored food. Before we found out, she hardly ate her food and only ate it to survive. We thought she was sick at first, but later learned that she hated the taste. However, we tried several different treat flavors before, and she seemed to like turkey the best and fish second. Afterwards, we bought some turkey-flavored food, and now she can’t wait for feeding time!

If your cat isn’t eating much, either it might be sick or it wants a change of type. Try experimenting with new flavors until you figure out which ones your cat likes best. The cat would thank you (if it could) when you follow this advice.

Also, even if your cat is eating well, you might want to see what the cat likes and doesn’t like. In the best interests of cats, you should make sure that they get exactly what they deserve: good food. 🙂


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