Cat shown above is Tess lying on the floor.

I’ve only just found out that cats show signs to convey their many different emotions. For example, I LOVE to annoy my cat, Tess, and she always gets SO mad. Other times, she’s happily sitting under a blanket with her tail sticking out like a stray branch out of a bush, or on my mom’s lap, which is where she usually is. Sometimes she just sits by the window and stares, or tries to see the outdoors by escaping through the back door. When she’s playing, she is very hyper. She has several personalities, and it is just so adorable to see them all in action!

Happiness emotion–when she is happy and content, she just sits and purrs. I often relate it to a car motor, because when she purrs, it is usually a deep rumble.

Sadness emotion–not entirely sure, but maybe she just sits and wails for a while and gets over it quickly.

Anger/Frustration emotion–her ears fold back, her eyes are big and dark, and she sometimes snorts in frustration, especially when I bring out the rubber ducky that squirts water. I don’t actually put water in it, but if you squeeze it without water, it just puffs out some air. Tess hates it, especially when I squeeze it in her face and she gets sprayed with a tiny burst of air, but she soon learned not to open her mouth when attacking it (XD). It drives her crazy, and she just can’t stand it, but her reaction is hilarious.

Hyper emotion–her eyes are SUPER wide, her tail swishes back and forth, and she can NEVER sit still. She just has to run up the stairs, down the stairs, into the hall, through the kitchen, turn around, and do it all over again until she finally gets tired and flops down on the floor.

I-want-to-go-outside-NOW-and-you-will-take-me-there emotion–she sits by the window and meows loud enough to wake the dead until she gets the point that we’re not taking her outside. She’s not an outdoor cat. However, we play badminton in the backyard. There is an open widow with a bug screen overlooking our deck that spans over half of our backyard, and that is where she sits. Whenever we say something, she has to meow immediately after you finish. It’s just common sense with a cat like her.

Lazy emotion–“I’m just going to sit here and relax and do nothing. I don’t care if you walk by me, I don’t care that I’m blocking your path and you have to step around me, as long as you don’t step on me. If you try to move me, I will show my teeth, so I strongly advise you not to move me.”

She, in my opinion, is the most hilarious kitten I have ever gotten to know, and I will update with more adorable antics to come!


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