As I said earlier, My cat, Tess, loves to play with bouncy balls. The reason is that she loves to run around and jump after the ball, especially when she’s hyper!

The bouncy ball is always her favorite toy. Whenever she is bored, she picks it up in her mouth and brings it to us from wherever we are in the house. If we can’t find it, we can’t play with her, and she knows it. So, she finds it for us every time.

The ball bounces really high, and Tess loves to scramble after it, high and low, back and forth. Sometimes she catches it, and she huddles around a chair leg with it. Then, the ball wedged between her and the chair leg, she wraps her paws around the chair leg and starts kicking it, scrabbling at it with her hind paws. It is hilarious!

For some reason, she always manages to lose the ball. We used to have 7 different bouncy balls for her to play with, but she now seems to understand that she has lost them all and we are down to the last one! XD

I think you’ll find that any cat likes to play with bouncy balls. Just find a nice space to play, with little or no furniture (a place that the cat can easily run around in). Then, get a good bouncy ball and throw it to the cat. He/she will run after it until he/she gets tired (or maybe is called for dinner). It is great fun for both you and your cat. 😀


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