Translation, please

Have you ever wondered what a cat is thinking or meowing about? Well, it is actually more obvious than you realize. A cat’s actions usually give it away.

For example, Tess meows at random times, but always for a reason.

‘Take me outside’ meow: She sits on the windowsill and starts meowing. Loudly.

‘Feed me’ meow: She comes up to you, purring hard, licks your leg, and runs to her room. Other times, she just pads up to you and meows really loudly to get your attention, and her tone is really annoyed.

‘STOP THAT’ meow: Sometimes, she gets annoyed by my brother and I and starts mewling a little. Other times, she gets really mad and stands there, looking a little offended, and attacks your legs.

‘Put me down’ meow: When we pick her up, she often doesn’t like it.

‘Give it to me’ meow: When I am holding the bouncy ball in my hand, she wants it.

‘I want something’ meow: We can’t quite figure this one out. She comes up to me, randomly, and starts to meow. I don’t know why. I fed her cat treats recently, her litterbox is clean, and the faucet is dripping a little so that she can drink (long story, but she prefers drinking from the dripping kitchen sink or the bathtub faucet instead of from her water bowl). She just woke up, so she obviously doesn’t want to play, but we don’t know why she’s meowing like that.

The next time you hear a cat meowing, think about what it’s doing and why it might be meowing. It might just help you understand them a lot more. 😀


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