Bread Kittens!

Hey, everyone! Okay, I admit that the title of this post might freak you out a bit, but don’t worry. That is the title of a cool game in the App Store that I have recently installed. It is somewhat like Pokemon, but different.

You start with a cat named Ginger. Using this cat, you go to different places, in a city on a giant island. At each level/place, you (meaning Ginger) battles another kitten. Just like in Pokemon, each hit to either cat costs damage. However, you can regenerate your kitten’s health with food. You can also switch between cats in your team (if you have any others). There are three cats on your team, chosen from the number of cats you have captured.

To capture another cat, you have to throw a piece of bread at them when they have low health in battle. You have to bake the bread in the Bakery, located in the Menu in the bottom right-hand corner. In battle, you can only catch each type of cat once. You would tap on the bread icon in the corner. It tells you how much chance you have of throwing your own bread. On the left of that, it also gives you a chance to buy (with game money) bread that would gain you a 100% chance of catching the cat. Whichever you take will be thrown onto the opposing cat. If you’re lucky with your own bread, then the cat is yours. If not, then you lost a piece of bread and the cat. You can still knock out the cat or try again, though. However, you can’t catch a cat that has a higher level that any cat on your team.

In the battle, there is a bar and a moving circle. You have to tap the screen when the circle is in the golden part of the bar for max damage. Under the bar is another, with 5 equal parts. When you tap in the golden part of the upper bar, 2 squares are filled. In the silver part, 1 square, and in the brown part, none. When all 5 squares are filled, the cat gets a power hit. To use it, tap the yellow button with a picture of a lightning bolt on it. Using the power hit costs a turn, but it costs major damage to the opponent.

When your cat wins a battle by knocking out the opponent, he/she will gain EXP points for each cat (whoever defeated the cat gets the most). However, if one or all of your team loses to that cat, whichever cats fainted don’t get anything. When each cat gets a certain number of points, they level up.

To get to the next city, your team has to complete the boss level–in other words, the most powerful cat in the city. Once you pass that, you get to progress. However, in most places the boss levels are SUPER hard for your team, which is most likely made of cats that are of lower level. However, you probably have at least a 50% chance of defeating the boss level.

The level is ranked by stars. It always starts out as 3 golden stars. However, if you tap on the screen when the circle is in the silver zone on the bar, the ranking lowers to 2 silver stars. The bronze zone or a cat on your team fainting results in 1 bronze star, the lowest ranking of all. Once a ranking goes down, you can’t bring it up in the same battle.

Sometimes, when you move from one level to another, you can get ambushed by another kitten on the way. These battles follow the same rules as the levels do.

There are several dozen types of cats, maybe even around 100! Some you can adopt into your team through the adoption center (using game money). Others you catch. There are some cats that are rare, super rare, common, incredibly rare, endangered, and so much more, but the rarest of all is the legendary Mythicat that lives in the last place in the last city. Defeating (and hopefully capturing) it is the hardest and final level.

I hope that you found this helpful if you are getting the game. It truly is very enjoyable! 😀


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