My grandparents in India had a cat, which I named Snowstripe. Her story is also sad. In India, they don’t keep cats confined in houses. Instead, the cats get to roam around and come in and out whenever they please. Well, Snowstripe mated with a wild cat and gave birth to one kitten. Unfortunately, when she was out hunting, her mate sneaked into the house, stole the kit, and took it away to kill it.

A few months later, although racked by grief, Snowstripe had two more mischievous kittens. When they were old enough to leave their mother, they were sold to neighbors.

My grandparents moved to a nearby city, and of course Snowstripe couldn’t come. She would run away and probably get killed in the big city.

So, she stayed with the house. She now lives with another kind elderly couple.

Aren’t we all glad that another cat has a good home? 😀


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