What Type of Cat Are You?

Take this short quiz to find out!


  1. You see a kid being bullied on the playground. You:
  • a. Don’t interfere. Let them sort it out.
  • b. Get an adult. You can’t handle this by yourself.
  • c. Go to the bully and insult him to get him to stop.
  • d. Outwit the bully with cunning and cleverness, allowing the victim to escape.
  • e. Punch the bully.

2. You’re walking on the sidewalk and you see a house on fire. There is a scared baby face peering out of the second-story window. You:

  • a. Keep walking. Someone must have called the fire department already.
  • b. Dial 911.
  • c. Grab a nearby garden hose and attempt to put out the fire.
  • d. Call the fire department and neighbors. Help the neighbors to try and put out the fire until the firemen come.
  • e. Run into the burning house and rescue the child.

3. You are playing a sport and someone on the opposing team gets in your way. You:

  • a. Stop. Turn around and go back to your side.
  • b. Pass the ball to another player.
  • c. Yell at the person.
  • d. Trick him and run while he’s distracted.
  • e. Push him away.

4. You are reading at school during recess time when you see another kid sitting alone, with nothing to play with and looking sad. You:

  • a. Ignore him. You don’t care.
  • b. Worry, but don’t go over to him.
  • c. Ask him if he wants to be your friend.
  • d. Start a conversation with him.
  • e. Invite him to play with you and your friends.

5. You see some kids throwing stones at a stray dog. You:

  • a. Ignore them. You don’t care about dogs.
  • b. Tell an adult.
  • c. Yell at the kids.
  • d. Distract the kids and let the dog escape.
  • e. Push the kids away and protect the dog.



If you chose mostly a: You are like a regular wild cat. You don’t involve yourself with the goings-on around you. You are a little shy and don’t like confronting someone head-on.

If you chose mostly b: You are like a leopard. You get assistance for problems, instead of trying to solve it yourself and possibly causing more trouble.

If you chose mostly c: You are like a jaguar. You are outright and directly to the point. You can be aggressive when you need to.

If you chose mostly d: You are like a cheetah. You are clever, cunning, and you rely on brains rather than bron to help you in times of need.

If you chose mostly e: You are like a lion or a tiger. You aren’t afraid of anything and stand proud, friendly, and protective of those weaker than yourself.


Feel free to comment below and tell me what type of cat YOU are!


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