Weird, Isn’t It?

Hey, everyone! Have you ever thought about the weirdest places and poses cats like to sit in, or the oddest places to hide things? Well, I certainly have! Unfortunately, most of the time when it happens I don’t have my phone on me, or I’m not handy with a camera. By the time I get it, the cat is gone.

Of course, I can describe it. There was a time Tess crawled into an open drawer and sat on top of a small paper bag. We were all laughing at that, because she had settled down to sleep in the drawer. Then, we realized that she was on the paper bag, and was starting to chew on it!

Another time, after about an hour of play, Tess flopped down in front of my bedroom door. She was stretched out and taking up a lot of space, so I just couldn’t get into my room without stepping on her! Of course, I didn’t actually step on her, but I went downstairs to get my phone and take a picture. By the time I got it out of my bag, though, she had already followed me down.

Of course, she always had ridiculous poses, like this one on the couch.

Tess on couch 3

My grandparents’ cat, Snowstripe, also had weird places and poses. Her favorite place to sleep was in front of the small fireplace. She would always cross her legs like this:


I had always wondered why.


Now you know about the weird poses of cats. Next time, no doubt, you’ll look more carefully at your cat’s positions!


Cats always hide things in odd places where no one can find them. For example, when Tess lost her last bouncy ball, we looked in every nook and cranny but couldn’t find it. Later, she brought it down and started pushing it around, but we still never found out where it was!


Next time you lose something in the house, like something small enough for the cat to drag around, instead of spending fruitless hours searching for it, you might just do better to ask the cat!


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