The Stalker

Imagine this…

An orange cat with black stripes prowls through the undergrowth, searching for its next meal. It wanders around silently, somehow blending in with its surroundings. Suddenly, it sees something crawling on the ground–something it wants to eat.

It slowly stalks the creature through the tall grass, snaking and twisting along the soft ground after it. It arches its back, curves in graceful positions, and will even stand still to get what it wants. It crouches down just inches away from the thing as it stops to pick up some food from the ground.

The cat pounces.

The hind legs swing into action as the cat springs onto the creature and clamps its paws on top of it, stopping any escape. Its shadow falling on its chosen prey, it bends down to do the final step.


Now, imagine that cat being your own housecat out in the lawn. It might not seem true at first, what with the soft fur, wide, innocent eyes, the jingly collar, the…plumpness, and the slowly decreasing playtime, but any cat you see will be related to those who don’t have that. It’s a natural instinct, and each cat gets a choice: to honor it, or ignore it.

You’d obviously want your cat to honor its relationship with the great cats, so to help them along the way you can make sure they are always active and playful. If your cat is allowed to go outdoors without a leash, it might already be doing that, without needing a little push in the right direction. Of course it’s best to keep them clean and well-fed; you don’t want them bringing mice into the house.

As for stalking prey or knocking ‘birds’ out of the sky, the cat will get some of that with flies, birds, mosquitoes, and any bug that crawls. Just keep them away from bees; cats are inquisitive about the large, bumbling things, but they are often not aware of the danger until it is too late. I myself had to pull Tess away from two bees: one was an injured one on the floor near the laundry basket, and yet another was tangled in the curtains by the front window of the house.

Now, whenever you look at your cat, always remember that beneath the soft fur, laziness, and wide eyes there is a strong, cunning, calculating, clever, and independent cat, always waiting for an opportunity…to strike! 😀


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