Highway Cats

Recently I discovered another great book that shows what exactly cats can do. Highway Cats, by Janet Taylor Lisle, is about cats that live beside the highway, near a popular town mall. Mayor Blunt, who wants to run again, plans to build a road from the highway to the mall, through the old Potter cemetery where many animals, including the highway cats, have made a home.

When the old, tough Shredder and Murray the Claw (meanest of them all) witness three mysterious kittens get dropped off at the highway median in a cardboard box and miraculously make it across four busy lanes of traffic, things start getting suspicious. Shredder thinks they’re a miracle, while Murray the Claw is all against it.

As time goes on, the kits are joyful but don’t speak a word, yet it seems as if someone is watching out for this litter. When a brawl breaks out at the Dumpster behind the mall, Animal Control (AnCon) comes in to break it up, and they bag a few cats to take to the shelter, which no cat has ever come back from. Yet, when the kits are captured, they mysteriously appear again in the path of danger. Coming back only to get killed by a bulldozer isn’t a very good idea, now is it?

But they’re not killed. The bulldozer breaks down just moments from impact, and the kits are saved.

The kits act as if it never happened, as though they don’t have a care in the world. No one thinks that these cute little things will become a rallying point for action when their cemetery home is threatened.

They’re all wrong.

Read the book to find out what happens in the battle between the highway cats and mayor Blunt. It is truly an exciting, enticing, enchanting story!


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