Hey, everyone! Today is officially Halloween, so I just wanted to tell you…MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!! Here are a few last-minute tips:

  • Stay safe and don’t go out in the night alone.
  • Keep others from egging or toilet-papering your house. Always have candy for the kids that come knocking.
  • If your trick-or-treating, travel in a group, and please with RESPONSIBLE adult supervision. I can’t count how many times I’ve been out trick-or-treating and I’ve seen someone throwing eggs (or rolls of toilet paper) at a house while the adult just stood around and pretended to look the other way.
  • Don’t dress up your pets in costumes. They won’t like it.
  • Always carry a light, and make sure you can move fast in your costume. You never know what could happen. I myself found one year where I got separated from the group, couldn’t find my way back without my flashlight, and ended up getting chased through a dark alleyway by a deranged lunatic who wanted to cut my head off. Yes, he did have the knife to do so.
  • Finally…HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Halloween is a time to have fun, dress up in scary costumes, and go around getting free candy! I have to say I had a fun time being a poltergeist in a school photo because I somehow came out blurry (with a green aura) while the background was crystal clear!!!!! Very entertaining.

Don’t forget these tips! Again, Merry Christmas to you all! XD


The picture above is our Halloween decorations. The light shining from behind is now purple, but it still looks awesome! 😀


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