New Year’s Resolution!

The New Year is coming and it’s time for those resolutions! What do you promise to accomplish next year? Set a goal for yourself. You can bet that your cats are too, whether it’s to steal all of your valentines, smash your birthday cake, drive you crazy, or even finally knock down the Christmas tree! Whatever it may be, you must beware, they’re trying everywhere.

You could resolve to do anything, like start a journal, learn how to play a clarinet (my personal favorite out of all instruments), go to Hawaii for vacation, write a song, get an hour of exercise each day, adopt 3 cats, try skydiving, knit a (non-ugly) sweater, etc. The choices are endless, and it’s up to you to make use of it.

Those of you who say they haven’t decided, or just don’t want to do it, IT’S NOT THAT HARD! Just pick something you want to do, and resolve to do it (preferably something you haven’t done, or something you find difficult, or it’s no fun)! This is your time to set the goal and work towards it, with more motivation than ever before. Use it before it’s over!


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