Cat Carrier Design!

Yes, I know I’ve not been posting for 3 months. I blame homework.

However, I’m here today to bring up the fact that plain things are dull, boring, and drab for your cat. How about spicing it up a little with a few suggestions on glam-ifying the cat carrier?

  • Stick on stickers! The more, the merrier, as you can stick on ones of all sizes, colors, and images.
  • If your cat has a multidimensional personality, find some 3D stickers shaped like different animals.
  • Spell out your kitty’s name with stencils. Using permanent marker, stencil the name of your cat onto his/her carrier in different colors.
  • Glue decorations like rhinestones, bows, feathers, yarn, or soft boas onto the sides of the carrier (be sure to use nontoxic glue). Write some funny phrases.
  • Use permanent markers to spell out some fun messages on your cat’s carrier, or to do some cute graffiti.
  • Make your pet taxi look like a real taxi by drawing checkered boxes on the side! You could even draw door handles to make it look like a traveling car, or add wheels so it looks like a bus.
  • Use the carrier as a canvas to draw portraits of your kitty doing her favorite things around the house.


All suggestions taken from Scholastic’s “I ❤ kittens”.


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