Happy Halloween: Cat Costumes

Halloween is coming up, and I’d like to take the time to remind you about costumes.

Many pet owners (including myself) love to see their cats or dogs dressed up. However, most of us (especially me) struggle to get even one photo before the pet tears the beautiful costume off.

I’d like to give a few tips on that, at least for cats.

  • If you’re making a costume, don’t let any part that goes around the cat’s body be too tight. If the cat feels uncomfortable, he/she would be more inclined to rip it apart.
  • When putting the costume on, try to keep the cat calm. This can be accomplished by treats, toys, or simply holding the cat down (although I’ve learned the hard way that holding the cat down can end you up with some nasty fabric tears).
  • Avoid using easily ruined materials in a place where the cat can ruin it (ex. using thin fabric around the tail where the cat can easy reach around to tear it).
  • NEVER leave your cat unattended with the costume.
  • Make sure the cat is okay with the arrangement.
  • When taking it off, do it slowly so the cat doesn’t run away while you’re doing it. Again, keep the cat calm until the whole outfit is off and he/she can run around as much as he/she wants.



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