I understand that many people are dog lovers, and I don’t blame you. In fact, dogs are my third-favorite animal (after cats and rabbits, of course)! Cats might seem hostile, unfriendly, or even lazy to you, but in truth, they are not. Dogs always seem playful to everyone, and they are cute. However, if you focus even more on cats, you will begin to see the beauty and cuteness that they REALLY have.

Cats aren’t hostile. You might think that cats scratch and bite a lot, but they actually only attack when they feel threatened. If they seem unfriendly, that could be because they don’t know you, or they don’t like you. If they don’t like you, there is always some reason why. Also, cats are the most playful animals I know, aside from dogs. Dogs are playful around the clock, even at 4 AM! Cats, however, are very playful, and they are full of energy–at least, when they want to play.

Cats are adorable, as seen in the picture above. Their hilarious antics inspire many things, and there are a lot of people who appreciate them. They are cute and cuddly, and there are a lot of loving ones. Those in the wild don’t really appreciate humans, because they are used to living alone and think that humans will hurt them. Cats raised alongside humans form a bond with them. Give a cat a lot of care, and they will love you right back!

Cats, in my opinion, are gifts to us–cute little purring machines sent by someone who cares about the human race. We should use these gifts, and treasure these adorable creatures. Who knows what they can do?


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